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For total peace of mind, our DECONTAMINATING WITH HYDROGEN PEROXIDE VAPOUR TECHNOLOGY (FOGGING)  solution is a great addition to our specialist disinfection services. The purpose is to create and disperse a disinfectant aerosol to reduce the numbers of airborne micro-organisms and also to apply disinfectant to surfaces that may be difficult to reach

Several studies have shown that some micro-organisms, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, are not killed effectively by standard cleaning. HPV technology consists of a mobile vapour generator which mists 30% w/w aqueous hydrogen peroxide to facilitate total disinfection of hospital areas and equipment. HPV is an oxidising agent. When it comes into contact with micro-organisms it oxidises the cells or spores, thus deactivating them. An HPV generator delivers hydrogen peroxide vapour at high speed, ensuring distribution to all parts of a room. A very fine layer of micro-condensation is formed on all exposed surfaces, deactivating micro-organisms.

The key benefits of fogging are:

– Large areas disinfected quickly

– Minimum disruption to business

– Ideal for outbreak control measures

– Disinfects and cleans infected area

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