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The New Normal – Post Lockdown

Let’s be clear, the landscape will be changed forever after the easing of the lockdown, and business owners will need to ensure they protect their staff.

The New Normal

As we prepare to return to work from the lifting of the Covid-19 lockdown,  employers will carry the responsibility to its staff for ensuring they are providing a safe working environment during this pandemic. This means that employers will be required to meet Health and Safety obligations, specifically section 2 & 3 Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSW).

The HSW states that all reasonably practicable steps must be taken so as to ensure the health, safety and welfare of your workers and anyone else impacted by your operations. This includes keeping up to date and implementing Standard Operating Procedures with work-related risks posed by Covid-19, as well as planning and implementing effective Infection prevention policy, procedures and management.

Clinical Clean is a specialist infection control management service that can help your company comply with regulatory commitments and avoid any government sanctions.

Ways in which we can assist;
  1. Sanitising Deep Clean – three levels of sanitising service offered, dependent on the extent of deep clean required. Each level will eliminate all microorganisms, pathogens, spores and bacterium.
  2. Infection Control Consultancy Service – we can assist, or lead on the production, implementation, and management of your company’s Infection Prevention Control Programme. We can also produce your company’s Infection Control Policy and Procedures including Standard Operating Procedures bespoke for your organisation.
  3. Infection Management Service – retain our Infection control subscription service on a rolling monthly contract to benefit from our ongoing periodic virus/bacteria workplace swab tests, deep cleaning/sanitisation service and rolling automated PPE replacement scheme.

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Stay Safe